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hi, i'm kantraa, also known as neonvortex. i'm a professional procrastinator and linux user from turkey.

i've been dealing with technology ever since i was 2, watching youtube on a shitty General Mobile phone aka from birth. since then, i have always loved tech and i always mess around with it whenever i get the chance.

i love the Old Web very much, it always reminds me that a simpler and more ethical web is a better web.

i regularly play video games, mainly shooters and rhythm games such as Xonotic, OpenArena, IIDX, DDR, etc. (psst, if anyone wants to 1v1, hmu!)

i like cybikos a lot and think that they have a lot of potential for homebrewing. i really wanna get an Xtreme some day...

i also like the og Bondi Blue imacs. no idea why, i just like em.

i like:

my fav games are:

(yes, i game!)